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How to Watch The Amazing World of Gumball Season 1 in 1080p

How to Watch The Amazing World of Gumball Season 1 in 1080p

If you are a fan of the hilarious and quirky animated series The Amazing World of Gumball, you might be wondering how to watch the first season in high definition. The show follows the adventures of Gumball Watterson, a 12-year-old cat, and his family and friends in the fictional town of Elmore. The show is known for its colorful and diverse animation styles, as well as its clever humor and satire.

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Unfortunately, the show is not available on any streaming service in 1080p resolution. The only way to watch it in full HD is to download it from torrent sites or other sources. However, this can be risky and illegal, as you might encounter viruses, malware, or copyright infringement issues. Therefore, we do not recommend this option.

Instead, we suggest that you watch the show on Hulu or HBO Max, which offer the show in 720p resolution. This is still a decent quality that will allow you to enjoy the show's visuals and sound. You can also buy or rent the show on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, or YouTube, but these platforms also offer it in 720p resolution.

If you really want to watch the show in 1080p resolution, you will have to wait for the official release of the Blu-ray discs. According to some sources[^4^], the first season of The Amazing World of Gumball was released on Blu-ray in 2015, but it was only available in Australia and New Zealand. There is no information on when or if the Blu-ray discs will be released in other regions.

In conclusion, The Amazing World of Gumball Season 1 is a great show that deserves to be watched in high definition. However, there is no legal or safe way to do so at the moment. The best alternative is to watch it on streaming services or digital platforms that offer it in 720p resolution. Alternatively, you can wait for the Blu-ray release, but there is no guarantee that it will happen anytime soon.

The Amazing World of Gumball Season 1 consists of 36 episodes that aired from 2011 to 2012. The show was created by Ben Bocquelet and produced by Cartoon Network Studios Europe. The show features a mix of 2D and 3D animation, as well as live-action and puppetry.

The show follows the misadventures of Gumball Watterson, a blue cat who attends Elmore Junior High with his adoptive brother and best friend Darwin, a goldfish who grew legs. They live with their parents Nicole and Richard, a pink rabbit who is a stay-at-home dad, and their genius sister Anais, who is also a pink rabbit. The show also features many other characters, such as their classmates, teachers, neighbors, and enemies.

Some of the episodes in the first season are:

  • The DVD: Gumball and Darwin try to get out of returning a rented DVD when they accidentally destroy it.

  • The Responsible: Gumball and Darwin babysit Anais while their parents go to a school meeting.

  • The Third: Gumball and Darwin hope that adding a third friend to their activities will break up the monotony.

  • The Dress: Gumball goes to school wearing his mother's wedding dress after his clothes get shrunk in the dryer.

  • The Quest: Gumball and Darwin embark on a quest to retrieve Anais' stolen Daisy the Donkey doll.

  • The Pressure: Darwin falls in love with Masami, a cloud girl who is part of the popular girls' group.

  • The Ghost: Carrie, a ghost girl, possesses Gumball's body and makes him do things he doesn't want to do.

  • The Mystery: Gumball tries to solve the mystery of who attacked Principal Brown in the school locker room.

  • The Prank: Gumball and Darwin prank their father with a fake spider, but things go wrong when he has a heart attack.

  • The Kiss: Gumball tries to erase the memory of being kissed by his grandmother from his brain.



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