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Whisper Of The Heart Episode 1


An urgent message from Almorra Soulkeeper summons you deeper into the Far Shiverpeaks, where you and your allies must stand together against the storm. But the howling wind can make any light flicker, and the cold eats at every heart. In this desolation, the voice that rings truest is the one inside you.

After a minute, Nahiri opened her eyes and rose. "All the best things are hidden in the heart," Nahiri said with a smirk. She pointed to a particularly dark and forbidding archway. "That looks like a promising place to start. Let's go."

Nissa halted, heart pounding with unexpected panic. Suddenly, this expedition seemed like a terrible idea. What if her attempts to help Nahiri only ended up hurting Zendikar again? Like so many of her mistakes in the past. Once again, she was following someone else's lead. When was that going to change?

But Nahiri didn't fall for the Skyclave's bait. The stones under her hand whispered of a great power below, and Nahiri was going to be the one to find it and claim it. Behind her, Nissa moved almost silently, like the child of the forest that she was. Occasionally, her staff clicked against a stone or she would gasp softly when a stray light found its way in through a crack and illuminated their surroundings.

"Like hell," Nahiri growled and sent all seven swords straight at the creature's heart. The felidar reeled back, but between its paws and its armor-like protrusions, it managed to deflect the worst of the attack.

There was a blinding flash in the room, and Nahiri shielded her eyes. Far below, she felt the Roil hesitate, then, like a monster pierced through the heart, the Roil shuddered and stopped completely. She heard grinding noises around her and felt the Skyclave knit itself back together, though not completely. The runes hadn't contained that much power. But still, this ancient and broken fortress was mending itself.

"No!" Nissa shouted. She felt the elemental's pain before she understood what was happening. Before she saw its green limbs twist and wither, before she heard it give a heart-tearing scream, before she saw its bright eyes go dark and it crumble away into ash.

The commander and allies rush to Bjora Marches in pursuit of Bangar as he attempts to subjugate Jormag. But from the moment they arrive, their progress is halted by the vicious Sons of Svanir and mysterious whispers that threaten to unravel them.

Robin tries to comfort Zatanna, and offers her cake. Artemis joins the conversation and decides it's finally time to tell Wally about Megan's relationship with Superboy. She sits behind him, and whispers it in his ear; hearing it and seeing Megan and Conner eat together dampens his birthday spirit.

Robin and Aqualad are to help take down the first fortress; Superboy and Wolf will help Black Canary and Red Tornado with the second fortress; Artemis, Miss Martian and Zatanna will go to the third. Other Leaguers will deal with the other two. Kid Flash asks why he wasn't mentioned, and is disappointed in getting another mission: delivering a donor heart for a desperately ill young girl, 3,000 miles cross-country from Boston to Seattle, because air traffic is impossible with the snow. Robin apologetically reminds him that the Zeta-Tubes are offline. Though he is disappointed and would prefer to fight with the rest of the Team in their first team-up with the Justice League, Kid Flash realizes that he has to do this and accepts without voicing complaint.

At Boston General Hospital, Mattie Harcourt waits anxiously for Kid Flash to arrive. She immediately gets down to business, urging him to keep the heart safe. It's insulated against basic shocks in a streamlined medical backpack, but abrupt movement needs to be avoided. He has four hours before the heart is no longer viable for transplant. She dismisses his attempts at small talk, and sends him on his way.

Two national guardsmen wait for Kid Flash to pass their cordon. He moves so fast that they can only feel him going by. Wally


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