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Six Guns Game


Six Guns Game

Six-Guns is an open-world action-adventure video game developed by Gameloft.[1] It was released in 2011 for iOS devices, on March 17, 2012, for Android devices, and on September 4, 2013, for Microsoft Windows and Windows Phone.[2]

Six-Guns is a wild-west styled open-world, action adventure third-person mobile game. The player may roam about on foot or by horse to complete missions as a man named Buck Crosshaw across two game maps, Arizona (with deserts and mesas) and Oregon (featuring forests and mountains). An in-game store and currency system allow for upgradable clothing items, weapons, and horses, with optional microtransactions available for additional or premium credits. As missions are completed, the player is rewarded with coins and experience points, unlocking access to higher tier items from the store. The main storyline and campaign follows Crosshaw's discoveries of the happenings and fate of his lost wife, while a multiplayer mode features online team deathmatches and capture-the-flag.

The Windows 8 version had support for touch controls, keyboard and mouse, and a gaming controller.[3] The game could also cloud save to a linked account, such as Game Center on iOS or Xbox Live on Windows.

As he enters town, the sheriff recognizes Buck as an outlaw and holds him at gunpoint, but a large group of raiders arrive and start to plunder the town. Proving his honor, Buck helps the sheriff fight the bandits, who then turns a blind eye to let Buck escape. Buck slowly gains back more of his memory, and instead decides to visit her grave to pay his respects. At the graveyard, Buck witnesses a group of grave robbers digging out and stealing his wife's corpse, prompting him to further investigate into her death. He tracks the bandits down and discovers they are hired guns employed by a local barman. After a confrontation, the barman confesses and reveals a ruthless gang of criminals who forced him into their work after kidnapping his son. Buck makes a deal with the barman to go up against the gang in exchange for information on the whereabout of the gang's leaders. After tracking down and defeating the gang leaders, a mysterious monster hunter known as the Exorcist confronts Buck and reveals the true nature of the gang.

Unlock 8 different horses, 19 weapons and a vast selection of clothes and other items you'll need. The first Android game to let you freely explore massive Wild West landscapes in Arizona and Oregon. 40 varied missions: Race horses, stop robbers, shoot targets, take back the fort and more! Fight looting bandits, bloodthirsty vampires, cunning witches and many other supernatural foes. Get lost in the beautifully designed landscapes.

Now, we all know that Six Guns is dead and that Gameloft has moved on. I remember the old days when each update was so damn fun with the new guns and crap but now that they're gone, it's sad to see a game with so much potential just dying because of hackers and just money-hungry greed from the devs. We know that maybe a new update might breathe back life into this game but we all know that a new update is extremely unlikely to happen.

Huh, so that's why I didn't get any stuff while looking up the game. I'm an iOS user and I kept on looking around for SG Doomsday but no luck until now. So it's only available on android then, huh? Well, that sucks. I've managed to find some vids about it and it's basically a top-down shooter with the graphics like that Modern Combat side-scrolling shooting game back then. Damn, I really got my hopes up for it too thinking it's gonna be like the old SG. Welp, there's always SG Blast that I can hope for, but from what I've found out today, my hopes aren't feeling too high for it

Six-Guns is a Wild West themed game that brings the fun of arcade style gaming to life. gamers are given a huge and very detailed world to explore with a total of forty different exciting and varied missions to complete in exchange for in game cash and points.


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